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            我們采用現代化的公司管理模式,我們始終恪守“質量第一,用戶至上”的經營理念,以過硬的質量、創新的精神、周到的服務為宗旨,以科技創新為動力,創造非凡品質,圣萊歐 愿與您攜手共勉、共創、共贏!



            Hebei Sheng Laiou Chemical Technology Co., LTD. Is a high and new tech enterprise specializing in the production, research and development,sales of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, founded in 2008, the company is located in hebei industrial zones - shenze biological park, with a total investment of 150 million CNY, covers an area of 120 acres, now has 280 employees, including 28 senior technicians. Now the company has a non-ionic cellulose ether production line whose annual yield is 18000 tons ,has automated production process, and has the perfect inspection process, stable and reliable product quality, the products are widely used in construction, paint, food, cosmetic, textile, paper making, sewage treatment and other fields.

            We have modern company management mode, we always adhere to "quality first, users first" business philosophy, with excellent quality and innovative spirit, and thoughtful service for the purpose, powered by scientific and technological innovation,we creat extraordinary quality, we are willing to work with you together to achieve win-win!


            At the beginning of 2017,we started to expand the oversea markets, In 2018,we registered our own brand, LANDCEL and established a new test laboratory and application research laboratory to supply our best products and services to the global clients. Meanwhile 22 millions USD was invested on the phase-production line. In 2020, the yearly output can reach 40,000 metric tons. We sincerely hope our professional team will serve more and more international customers, welcome friends all over the world to visit us at any time !



            • 粘結砂漿

            • 抹面砂漿

            • 罩面砂漿



            電話: 0311-83578608





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